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Peter Gerasimon Paintings Art School Painting Workshops

Painting Workshops for Ages 7 to 17


Imortant Notice:

2018 Adults Workshops until end of February/ to resume in November/ December

2018 Kids Workshops to resume in November


Realistic Drawing and Painting
Realistic drawing and painting skills help strengthen confidence, which in turn lessens frustration in Children. Our program is designed to help students to visualize the final result and improve their artistic abilities.  Drawing and painting are learned subjects, just like any other and it's fun.


Step by Step how to Draw & Paint
Two hours of relaxing creativity in a magnificent professional studio. For beginners and advanced.
Using a step-by-step method the student understands what is needed in order to draw and paint successfully. The essential components of visual art are 1) Form (shape) 2. Size (mass, scale) 3. Placement (relationships) 

Practice drawing and painting in Acrylics
Discover and understand what creativity really is and how it relates to drawing and art. Learn and practice the four perception skills necessary for drawing to achieve a likeness to a subject. Study basic perspective, composition and design principles. Practice how to use a variety of mediums. Learn how to bring an illustration or painting from an idea to a finished artwork.

DAYS & TIMES  starting at the end of 2018


- Thursday and Friday 4 to 6 pm and


- Saturday 10 am - 12 noon

At Glenrowan Studios, 4 Charles Court, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia  


Cost 2018/ 2019 - (for Workshops comencement November/ December 2018)

Term Payment required, depending on the number of sessions in the term multiplied by $ 35.00 for the two hours session. BYO materials,

Gift vouchers available

We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, and beginners.


About Acrylic Paints
The Acrylic Paint is water based. The binder in acrylic paint is a synthetic plastic, therefore, acrylics dry quickly and are water soluble. This allows clean-up free from the disadvantageous smell of other media. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Benefits of Drawing and Painting for Children - Art encourages expression

Painting and drawing are very important in development of children. Children learn to be more organized and follow a pattern. They learn to solve problems in a more creative way. They become more communicative, observant and analytical. The painting serves as relaxation, nervous or anxious children feel more relaxed and focused. Increases the power of concentration on a task. Increases self-esteem.

Physiologically, the human brain consists of two parts, the left and the right hemisphere. The left brain is used in logical thinking and analytical processes. This is typically what is trained in school work that consists of math, reading and science. The right brain is used in emotional perception, intuition and creativity. It is the right brain that is mainly used when a person is involved in creative endeavors such as artistic drawing and painting. It is this part of the brain that typical school environment neglects to train.




Daffodils Painting by Peter Gerasimon Painting by Nadia Gerasimon the clolour of trees Country Road Painting by Peter Gerasimon Summer Sun Set Painting by Nadia Gerasimon Little Farm Painting by Nadia Gerasimon Lithouse Painting by Nadia Gerasimon Still Life by Peter Gerasimon Apple an Butterfly Painting by Peter Gerasimon Seaside Seascape Painting by Nadia Gerasimon