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Painting Workshops for Ages for ages 16 and over


Imortant Notice:

2018 Adults Workshops until end of February/ to resume in November/ December

2018 Kids Workshops to resume in November

 Sketching, Drawing and Painting
Learn about drawing, acrylic & oil painting on paper, board, canvas and canvas board, or simply perfect your technique in this relaxing studio environment designed for all skill levels. Materials and techniques such as applying gesso and canvas stretching will be demonstrated. Various themes and genres, including still life, landscape and figure painting, will also be explored.

Two Hour Workshops
Two hours of relaxing creativity in a magnificent professional studio
, for beginners and advanced. 
Until end of February 2018: Tuesday Evening    7 to 9 pm and Wednesday Morning 10 to 12 am
At Glenrowan Studios
in Gisborne, Victoria.

DAYS & TIMES  starting at the end of 2018

- Thursday Morning 10 - 12 am

- Thursday & Friday 7 to 9 pm

- Saturday afternoon 2 - 4 pm

At Glenrowan Studios, 4 Charles Court, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

2018/ 2019 (for Workshops comencement November/ December 2018)

For the two hour session $   40.00 BYO materials.
Blocks of   5 sessions      $ 185.00 BYO materials.
Blocks of 10 sessions      $ 350.00 BYO materials.

Gift vouchers available.

We welcome individuals of diverse backgrounds, experience and skill levels.

We are also specialized on beginners.



About Acrylic Paints
The Acrylic Paint is water based. The binder in acrylic paint is a synthetic plastic, therefore, acrylics dry quickly and are water soluble. This allows clean-up free from the disadvantageous smell of other media. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

About Oil Paints
We call it Oil Paint because of  the binder element, "the linseed oil" used to binder the pigments together in this paint. Its use began in the 15th century and was most assuredly heralded as a major event. Oil paint is extremely flexible and when thoroughly dry is very hard and durable. This are characteristics of paint desperately sought after, by generations of artists. Further inventions such as canvas and tube color have little changed the basic innovations of oil painting. It became, and remains for many, the perfect medium.

No obnoxious smells - No toxic vapors
We at Glenrowan Studios avoid using mineral Turpentine.
The diluents used are 1) Linseed Oil    2) Eucalyptus Oil



Horse Painting by Peter Gerasimon Commission Work Apple and Butterfly Painting by Peter Gerasimon Painting Workshops Oil Painting Sunset Kookaburras by Peter Gerasimon Arst School Melbourne Painting by Peter Gerasimon Guardian Angels Painting by Peter Gerasimon St Kilda Painting by Peter Gerasimon Melbourne Paintings Coral Reef Painting by Peter Gerasimon Barrier Reef Paintings Wildlife Painting Before the Storm by Peter Gerasimon